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Triple A

From an early age Álvaro discovered his interest in music. At the age of 16, he acquired his first equipment and began studying music production. During the following years, his inclination for urban music took an important role after meeting some of his best friends, making productions for other artists and groups of the genre, as well as solo works.

In 2012 he began working on his first professional solo album, which would take the name of «Modus Operandi». Working in collaboration with various renowned artists of the Hip-Hop music scene, the album was released in 2014. The impact of this work led to different interviews in magazines such as «Mondo Sonoro» or «Hip-Hop Life», as well as on radios such as RTVE in the program «La cuarto parte» of Frank-T. The album is currently available on Spotify among other digital platforms.

In the same year of the release of «Modus Operandi», Álvaro started with higher sound studies, specializing in music recording and mixing. Another aspect that he is most passionate about in the world of audio. As a consequence and objective of these higher studies, he embarked on the project «Triple A – Studies: Sound PROpio».

«Triple A – Studios» was what he called «my concept of recording studio», an initiative that not only covered the recording and mixing services of a studio, but also provided the artist with support from the vision of a music producer. On the other hand, facilitate the management of services such as: Digital distribution, physical manufacture of records, graphic design or dissemination / advertising.

In 2018 and maintaining the position with «Triple A – Estudios» as record label, he starts working on different electronic music projects for different groups and artists. It is then, when he begins to see a new path of possibilities within this musical genre.

His first professional work of electronic music saw the light under the title «Pulse» in 2021, a concept not so close to a commercial aspect, but experimental, dynamic and the taste of the artist himself.



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